Uniting East Africa Through Music

Dr Nicholas Kimani

That music connects people, and it provides a platform that East Africans from all walks and stations of life can use to come together, is something that our political leaders and policy makers should appreciate.

It is often said that ordinary East Africans feel excluded from the formal process of East African integration. Many, particularly the youth, feel ‘lost’ amidst discussions among members of the political and business elite about the formal treaties, common institutions, and other formal instruments of government.

But the opposite happens if you take a random sampling of youth in any of East Africa’s towns and cities. Ask them about Kenya’s Nameless, Eric Wainaina or Nonini, and you’ll almost see their eyes light up. Ask them about Tanzania’s biggest ‘Bongo Flava’ musicians like Lady JayDee, you’ll observe the same reaction. And if you ask them about Uganda’s Chameleone, or Bebe Cool, you will practically bring…

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