U.S. Representatives Israel and Grayson explain their respective opinions on the U.S. waging war in Syria

Piers Morgan

As the world readies for Barack Obama‘s upcoming nationally televised speech – an address expected to urge Congress to support a plan for military engagement in Syria – on Monday evening “Piers Morgan Live” welcomed a pair of men with differing opinions as to the best course of action to be taken amidst a civil war in the Middle East.

“It’s clear that the credible prospect of force to deter and degrade Syria’s chemical weapons capability prompted Russia to step up to the plate and propose a path forward. Now we have to make sure that that path forward is credible,” said Steve Israel, a Democratic U.S. Representative from New York. “The President of the United States should engage [Vladimir] Putin robustly. We need to vet this out, we need to make sure this is not a subterfuge.”

Joining Piers Morgan live, via satellite, Israel revealed his…

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