Robert Menendez on Obama’s speech: “He’s made the case that we are stronger as a nation in our resolve when we have the support of the Congress behind the president”

American Affair or Global Interest?

Piers Morgan

In a special edition of “Piers Morgan Live” that directly followed Barack Obama‘s national address, on Tuesday evening the host welcomed Robert Menendez from Washington, who share his immediate reaction to the president’s speech:

“I think the president went step by step in directly responding to the concerns of the American people,” said the Democratic senator from New Jersey. “And I think effectively made the case as to why those concerns are either unfounded to some degree in some cases, can be met in other cases, and the reason why it is important to be able to respond to [Bashar al-]Assad‘s use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians beyond Syria, and in the context of the world.”

Answering a common criticism of the president, Menendez offered his explanation as to why Obama sought political approval for his plan to use military forces in Syria, rather than simply give…

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