President Kagame Opens 2013-2014 Judicial Year


Government of Rwanda (Kigali)


Focus : Genocide Ideology, Human Trafficking, Corruption

Kigali — Today, President Paul Kagame launched of judicial year 2013/2014 in Parliament calling on the judiciary to work on cases related to genocide ideology, human trafficking, corruption and other crimes that affect the well being of Rwandans.

Speaking at the launch, President Kagame thanked members of the judiciary for all that they achieved during previous judicial year but reminded them to stay focused because a lot remained to be done.

“We all know that justice is an essential part of any country’s development journey. When a country upholds the rule of law, it gives the people the confidence that they are all equal before the law and that they are all equally protected.”

President Kagame also highlighted the need for all countries to have a stable and dedicated judiciary sector.

“Every nation, rich or poor has to…

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