Nigeria: New Mecca Emerges As Visitors Troops In To Catch A Glimpse At Mystery Images of Sheikhs

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Elias Estate, Owode in Ikosi-Isheri Local Council development Area of Lagos State Nigeria has been playing host to several visitors since Tuesday September 3, while Dawis Central Mosque has become a Mecca of sorts with people trooping down there to catch a glimpse of three different images said to have appeared on its walls, including those of two neighbouring buildings in the community. One of the buildings share the same compound with the Mosque, while the other one is located behind the Mosque.

Most of those visiting do so for different reasons: to offer prayers or to satisfy their curiosity over the appearance of the images which have become a subject of controversy.islam-pix-9

According to sources, the appearance of the three images on the wall of the mosque was first noticed by an Hausa worshipper who raised an alarm that attracted neighbours and passers-by. Some worshippers promptly identified the images as those of three Shehus…

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