Heroes in Africa


About EMM East Africa

Introduction to EMM-East Africa

EMM’s relationships in East Africa encompass 9 countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, and Eritrea.  In addition, South Africa is now included under the EA Regional Representative.

This region is not homogenous: nations are wildly different from their neighbors in their ethnicity, economics, religion, history, and politics.  Individual nations, likewise, are not necessarily homogenous, and citizens often identify more strongly with a particular ethnic group rather than with their nation.

The religious atmosphere is very diverse; some areas have a nominal evangelical majority, several are Muslim, one country is communist and actively persecutes people of any faith.  In all the countries, faith practice is heavily influenced by the African traditional spirituality of its distinct ethnic groups.

As is typical of Sub-Saharan Africa, most of the region is rural and agrarian, and includes some of the world’s poorest and most…

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