GSR Blog Entry #26: Sustainable Restorative Agriculture (SRA)

Green Self Reliance

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GSR uses a hybrid approach to ensure that farmers not only sustain agricultural productivity but steadily improve fertility of soil overtime. These techniques are borrowed from several facets of low cost agricultural innovative techniques from around the world including permaculture, organic farming, appropriate technologies and sustainable agriculture. All of these methods of farming have a common vein of trying to complement naturally occurring processes and work well with budgetary constraints of small family farms, especially in the developing world.

Permaculture is the result of a movement that began in the 1970’s when Australia began experiencing drought conditions. Most of the farming techniques are meant to conserve water and allow of robust harvests. Overtime permaculturalists have began experimenting with other ways to improve farming all around including techniques to decrease soil erosion (i.e. contour farming and no-tillage farming) and planting in extreme heat or cold conditions.

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