Fleischer: Pres. Obama drinking own Kool-Aid; Begala: Russians easier to deal with than Tea Party GOP

CNN Press Room

On “New Day,” CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo reviewed President Obama’s speech on Syria with CNN Commentators Ari Fleischer and Paul Begala, exploring the options of a diplomatic approach and military strike. Unlike Fleischer, Begala was certain that President Obama will use force if diplomacy doesn’t work. Fleischer explained that it is very difficult to dismantle chemical weapons, saying that this would require troops on the ground to protect inspectors.

“I wish the President well on this, I wish him luck and success. It would be the preferable outcome if what Russia is trying to do or says that they want to do actually happens. If Bashar al-Assad actually goes along,” Fleischer said. “I think that’s not going to happen. I think realistically there’s no chance that Assad is going to give up his chemical weapons. I think there’s no chance that Russia is really going to put them to the…

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