Controlling the Narrative is about what they DON’T Say

The Rio Norte Line

This is a continuation of my last post.  It explains how not reporting on issues is done to control the public debate.

AGENDAS: The ‘New World Order’


The Narrative Is As Much About What Is Not Said As What Is



This post is interconnected to those dealing with most of the posts under our ‘Social Engineering’ page.  I often tell people that, if you will bother to read what they write and have the courtesy to take them at their word, the people who really run the world will tell you what they want to do and how they intend to do it.  I understand that much of the material involved is commonly associated with conspiracy theory.  I also understand that this is by design; it serves the purposes of those who wish to remain in the shadows.  Still, I am not making any claims to know…

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