Bashar al Assad’s plan to stop the war (on Charlie Rose)

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How would Bashar al Assad want to end the war? He answered this question on the Charlie Rose Show, on 9 September, 2013.

Why share this?

Many of us will not be inclined to listen to the whole interview, and so I though it would be relevant to hear what Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, had to say about the solutions of ending the crisis in ‘his’ country.

Charlie Rose sitting with Bashar al-Assad, 9 September 2013
Charlie Rose sitting with Bashar al-Assad, 9 September 2013. Copyright:

The solution, the steps to be taken, from within

CR: What advise are you getting from the Russians?

BA: About?

CR: About this war. About how to end this war?

BA: Every friend of Syria is looking for peaceful solutions. And we are convinced about that. We have this [Russia’s] advise, and, without this advise we are convinced about it.

CR: Do you have a plan to end the war?


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