10 September 2013 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS


ICL Media Review

ICC Trial against Ruto and Sang begins:  On Tuesday 10 September 2013 the ICC trial against William Ruto and Joshia arap Sang began in The Hague with a plead of ‘not guilty’ from the accused and opening statements from the Prosecution, Defence and Victims counsel.  The Prosecution laid out its case that Ruto planned the post-election violence which took place in December 2007 and January 2008 for 18 months before the 2007 Presidential elections, and Sang assisted by broadcasting meeting locations and dispensing hate speech over his radio program on Kass FM.  Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s opening remarks also stated that the recent withdrawal of several prosecution witnesses is worrying and must be investigated. Counsel for Ruto, Karim Khan, criticised the quality of the Prosecution’s investigation saying the case is “crumbling before it started” and witness withdrawal is evidence of an incompetent investigation.  Counsel for the victims Wilfred Nderitu supported the ICC…

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